OP Striker In FUT – Timo Werner Is Just Insane!

Timo Werner is an absolutely class striker in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. He's probably one of the best strikers in FUT. Here's what makes him so special!
FIFA 22 Werner bester Stürmer FUT Ultimate Team OP Spieler
Your attack is weak and lame? Call Timo! | © Imago/EA SPORTS/EarlyGame

New season, new FIFA... and some random meta-players for your Ultimate Team. Who is it now? Timo Werner... really? Of all players in FIFA 22, it had to be this german failure at Chelsea. But FIFA is FIFA, right? We'll tell you why the German international is so OP.

To begin with, we were obviously surprised that EA gave him an 84 OVR, because to be honest: he's not really convinced at Chelsea so far. I mean... look at his misses in the Champions League final against Manchester City! He could be the brother of Raheem Sterling. And now Chelsea has signed Romelu Lukaku to be... well .. more successful in front of the goal.

In FIFA 22, Werner is one of the absolute meta-players though, and he's easily one of the best strikers in the game. Sure he's not like Kylian Mbappé – but this lad has some pretty good stats.

FIFA 22: Why is Timo Werner OP in FUT?

His standard gold card comes with outstanding values that simply make him overpowered in the game. "Timo Werner is indeed the best player in FIFA 22. He is an absolute machine and I will never sell him," famous leaker 'FUTZone' commented on Twitter.

And indeed: if you look at his ratings, you already know that Werner has to be good. 91 pace, outstanding finishing and some useful dribbling stats: everything you want to see in your offensive line.

Timo Werner Werte Stats in FIFA 22
As ABBA once said: Mamma mia! | © futbin

The gameplay with Werner is really smooth. Since the defensive lines are definitely more compact and the goalkeepers are just immortal, you should aim for some strikers with a clinical finish. Like Timo Werner.

Timo Werner's rise in FIFA 22 has stunned us, to be honest. His gold card is simply OP... If you know how to shoot in FIFA 22, nobody is going to hold you up with Werner. And his price in Ultimate Team will raise the roof.

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