FIFA 23: FUT Baller Glitch - How To Get The New Cards For Free

The FIFA 23 Baller Event is here in FIFA 23, and we will show you how to get the SBC players for free!

FUTB Allers
FUT Baller glitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team | © EA Sports | © EarlyGame

The FUT Baller promo in FIFA 23 is a real success. A week of cool SBCs from players with possible upgrades that you can earn yourself. But it gets even better: a glitch allows you to get the upgraded versions of the SBC players for free without completing any SBC. We explain how it all works here! Here you can see all FUT Baller players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team:

FUT Baller Promo In FIFA 23

You can earn FUT Baller cards by completing the Play With Style objectives found under Objectives in the FUT Menu. To do this, you must first complete the daily SBCs, and then score goals and assists with those players in Squad Battles or Rivals.

The "Play to Style" objective gives you the opportunity to earn player items, upgrades such as special moves, dribbling boosts or new traits through SBC versions of the FUT Baller. The Player SBCs are available daily. You need them to unlock their better versions. And if you fully complete the Play to Style goal, you can also unlock a FUT Birthday Team 1 Pack, available on March 24th.

FUT Baller Glitch: How To Get The Cards For Free

You don't have to do much to secure the free upgrade versions of the FUT Baller SBCs. To do this, simply head into Squad Battles and complete the challenges in co-op with a friend. After completing the challenges, not only does the person who completed the SBC card get the better version, but so does your co-op partner.

So it's best to just take turns completing the SBCs, and you'll get all FUT Baller cards for half the actual price. And you won't have that hard of time getting through the boring Squad Battles games. Win-win for everyone!

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