FUT Ballers Series: All SBCs And Objectives In FIFA 23

The FUT Ballers Series is a new event in FIFA 23. We'll show you all the Objectives and goals: lots of Squad Building Challenges and a tough grind are waiting. We'll tell you how to bypass the SBCs and have tips on how to get through the Squad Battle games the best way that you need for the upgrades.

Fut ballers fifa
FUT Ballers in FIFA 23: complete SBCs and further Objectives to unlock upgrades. | © EA Sports

The FUT Ballers are a first for Ultimate Team. EA is dropping a brand-new promo – which is more of a "mini event". Like in the Showdown Series, we're getting a bunch of SBCs for players, but this time we can upgrade them as we play with them and complete Objectives. Nice!

We'll show you how to complete the Play to Style Objectives as painlessly as possible, and reveal a trick you can use to get the players without completing the SBCs first.

FUT Ballers In FIFA 23: Release And Play to Style Objectives

The event started on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 6 pm GMT / 1 pm EST / 10 am PST. We don't have new players in packs, but will see a bunch of SBCs that can be upgraded by completing the Play to Style Objectives. So you rather don't open too many packs. Wait until there are new special cards, coming with FUT Birthday.

First you have to complete the daily SBCs in order to then solve the Play to Style challenges with these players. You can find them in the FUT menu under Objectives. If you have a buddy who also plays FUT, you can get all the players without completing the SBCs first.

And that's not all. The FUT Birthday is also associated with this event. Completing all Play to Style Objectives will give us a Team 1 pack. We're excited for that!

FUT Baller SBCs And Objectives: Do It Like This

If you don't know exactly what to do yet, no problem. Just take a look at the Squad Building Challenges and complete Luis Diaz and the following players. After that, you can check the Objectives and see which tasks you need to complete with the SBC players in order to get Mason Mount and the Team 1 FUT Birthday Pack.

You need to do that before 6 pm GMT on March 24. Make sure to have enough coins or fodder to complete them all. If you can't, focus on Luis Díaz, Jack Grealish and Ederson.

Mount FUT Baller FIFA 23
Complete all SBCs and Objectives to get Mason Mount. | © futbin

With most players, you need to score or assist – there will be a different challenge for goalie Ederson. Be sure to complete a few SBCs first and have multiple FUT Ballers in your starting XI at once – otherwise you'll end up playing way too many games.

If you're grinding in Squad Battles, make sure to also complete the "Play to Ball" Objectives. Put three Irish players in your starting XI and three players from the MBS Pro League and get two more 87 players!

At the same time, you can also complete the MBS Pro League Basics (goals and assists with Saudi League players). After all, there are players with 85 OVR waiting for you to use for the best SBCs in FIFA 23. You can find them under Milestones.

FUT Ballers Squad Building Challenges

The SBC series stars with an SBC for Luis Diaz and shortly afterward EA has shown all the other names. The SBCs are available until March 31.

LWLuis Díaz8688March 17
STPatrick Bamford8688March 18


Dejan Kulusevski8688March 19
CMAlex Oxlade-Chamberlain8486March 19
ZOMJack Grealish8890March 20
RWNoni Madueke


87March 22
GKEderson8991March 23

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