FIFA 23: FUT Fantasy Hero Mario Gomez Player Pick SBC - Which Card You Should Pick

The Hero Mario Gomez FUT Fantasy SBC has it all! You get it for a very fair price. We'll show you everything you need to know about the SBC - and most importantly, which Gomez you should choose.

Gomez Cover
Which card to choose?| © Futbin

The new FUT Fantasy SBC in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is really nice. You have the choice between two different versions of Mario Gomez.

One Serie A, the other Bundesliga. Who do you think gets more upgrades? The decision is yours! We explain why you should complete this SBC and everything you need to know about it!

FIFA 23: Mario Gomez SBC – Release Date & Info

Mario Gomez was released on March 11 in FUT, and will be available until March 17. So make up your mind quickly!

The cool thing about the SBC is that you have two different versions of the card to choose from. Both cards have the same stats, attributes and positions, but a different club that counts for the upgrade system. The question is whether Serie A or Bundesliga Gomez can get more upgrades?

FUT Fantasy Mario Gomez Stats

Here's Gomez's stats before the upgrades:











Weak Foot5 Star

3 Star

Price110.000 Coins

We recommend the Serie A version over the Bundesliga one. Not only is Serie A better this year, Fiorentina is better than VFB this season, so the potential for upgrades is so much higher!

Here are the in-game stats of his card:

Gomez Werte
Fut Fantasy Gomez Stats! | © Futbin

FUT Fantasy Mario Gomez SBC Price & Requirements

The SBC is really popular with the community. At least 80% of users gave FUTBIN a thumbs up. The price is currently 110,000 coins, which is more than fair for the stats and the option to choose between two cards.

With Fodder in the club, the card is as good as free. Two teams must be submitted for the SBC. Here are the requirements:

Anforderungen Gomez
The requirements for the Mario Gomez SBC | © Futbin

Which version will you complete?

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