FIFA 23: Funny FUT Club Names & How to Change It

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA 23. But if you want to have a really nice club, a creative club name is very important. In this article, we will show you the coolest and funniest club names and how to change them in FUT.

FIFA 23 Club Names FUT
We show you the funniest and coolest club names in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Finally the time has come! FIFA 23 is out and we can really grind hard. Whether in the Weekend League, Division Rivals or Squad Battles: Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA 23. And if you love playing FUT, your club name will probably be important to you too.

Let's be honest: You don't just want to grind in FUT Champions and get the best rewards, you also want to have a really awesome club. In addition to nice jerseys, the club name is also part of it. The FIFA community has come up with some hilarious ideas in this context - we'll also suggest a few names for you.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: The Coolest And Funniest Club Names For FUT

So which club name do you want to make history with in FIFA 23? Just in advance: If you have already chosen a name and now realize that you want to use one of our creative suggestions, that's no problem at all. Because you can also change the club name in FIFA 23, we'll explain that to you after we've listed the coolest names.

FIFA 23: Creative FUT Club Names

That's why we've first listed the nicest FUT club names and then look at how you can give your club a new name. Here we go:

  • AKE 47
  • MacaRooney
  • Obi Wan Iwobi
  • Ayew Mad
  • BayerNeverlusen
  • Ibracadabra
  • Paralympiakos
  • Hangover 96
  • Balotellitubbie
  • BocaSeniors
  • LadyYaya
  • ACMeRollin
  • IDontKjaer
  • GameOfStones
  • KanteTouchThis
  • HowIMetYourMata

Of course, you don't necessarily have to use a creative name, even "KroosControl", can be a cool club name. In any case, make sure that your name does not offend anyone. EA is pretty petty about it. For example, we know of one player who was banned for using the name "PuyolPantsDown". So keep that in mind, not that you will be banned during the season. But either way you can change the club name - we'll look at that now.

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How Do I Change My Club Name?

Changing the club name in FUT 23 is very easy – but has changed in comparison to last years. Of course, you should have thought of a cool name already if you are no longer satisfied with your current one. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start in the Ultimate Team main menu, select the section "Club"
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Scroll to "Rename Club" and choose your new name
  4. WATCH OUT: you can only change it 3 times in FIFA 23

Hopefully, you've now chosen your epic or funny club name in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. By the way, keep an eye on this article because the EarlyGame editors remain creative and will add new names from time to time. In this sense, we wish you every success with MacaRooney, LadyYaya or whatever your club is called in the end.

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