FIFA 23 League SBCs: Everything We Already Know!

A very reliable source has announced the return of the legendary League SBCs in FIFA, but what exactly can we expect?

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League SBC are coming to FIFA 23! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Especially for the World Cup, EA Sports has released some crazy SBCs like TOTT Ángel di María or the World Cup Showdown SBCs. Now it also seems like we're getting the League SBCs once again, but what can we really expect to see?

Here, you will definitely get what you expect!

League SBCs In FIFA 23 – Everything We Know So Far

In fact, we still don't know 100% what we will get from EA Sports this time. However, we have received information from a very reliable source that the leagues SBCs, which have been a part of FUT for several years now, should return soon.

We strongly expect that EA will not completely change the Challenges and make them similar to last year's editions. When the leagues SBCs were first introduced in FUT, you had to submit a Squad Building Challenge for each team in a league to get a unique special card of a player in that league, chosen by EA. Maybe you remember Luis Suárez or Gonzalo Higuain....

Leaker Donk announced the comeback on Twitter:

What We Can Expect From The League SBCs

After we got one special player in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 after we completed the various challenges, EA Sports changed the system to FIFA 19. From FIFA 19 onwards, we had several players available in a Player Pick. Last year, unfortunately, we only got a few packs or coins....

This year we will probably also see a League SBC for most leagues in the game. The group reward is then either a pack or a few coins - If you have some Untrades in the club, it could definitely be worth it to complete them.

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