FIFA 23: Serie A TOTS Vote Is Live

TOTS in FIFA 23 has been the center of attention in Ultimate Team for several weeks. The last vote where you can choose your personal TOTS is for the Serie A from Italy. We show you where and how to vote for your personal favorites in the Serie A TOTS vote.

Fifa 23 serie a tots vote
FIFA 23: Serie A TOTS vote will start today! | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

TOTS time in FIFA 23. EA has launched one of the best campaigns of the FUT year, and best of all, we can vote for our favorites. We can cast our votes for Serie A now – definitely one of the most hyped Team of the Season selections.

FIFA 23: Serie A TOTS Vote Is Live

The vote started on May 15, and you have until the evening of May 18 to create your dream team from Italy. You can vote right here: Serie A TOTS voting.

In this picture, we put together our top candidates for the Serie A Team of the Season. Make sure to check out our Serie A TOTS prediction to see the whole squad.

Serie a tots highlight
A selection of the possible best players of the FIFA 23 Serie A TOTS. | © EG