FIFA 23 SharePlay: Can You Share FIFA?

FIFA 23 is coming out soon, and we can enjoy it with friends. How can you get FIFA 23 for half the price, though? Well, with the new FIFA 23 SharePlay features, you can do that by simply buying the game with a friend. Thus, it is possible to get FIFA 23 for half the price. How do you share FIFA 23, though, and what are the differences system-to-system?

FIFA 22 Sharen
FIFA 23 for half the price? Sounds nice! | © Otto

We have already reported extensively on the kick-off mode and explained to you with which club you should play in the online seasons. If you play against your friends in FIFA 23, you should know which club has the best starting XI on the pitch. Another benefit you should take advantage of is sharing FIFA 23 with a friend.

Of course, there are many different versions of FIFA 23. Apart from that, you also have the option of getting FIFA 23 for half the price. Yes, you heard that right. Let's dive into how you can save some money with SharePlay...

SharePlay On Playstation 4: How To Share FIFA 23

  1. Your friend buys FIFA 23 for full-price from the PlayStation Store. It has to be from the online store, not as a physical copy. You can then split the money with your friend.
  2. You are on your own account, and you don't own FIFA 23 yet. Now press the PS Button longer, and then go to "Change User".
  3. Here you can click on "New User" and "Create a User", log in with your friends details.
  4. Now go to your own account again, and go to "Account Management" via "Settings" and then to "Activate as your primary PS4" and click on "Deactivate" if it is not already deactivated.
  5. Now go to your friend's account and go to "Settings" and "Account Management". Also go to "Activate as your primary PS4", but now click on "Activate", this is really important!
  6. It is also important that your friend's PS4 is not set as the primary PS4, but that it is deactivated. Otherwise, you could get an error message.
  7. Now go to the library in your friend's account. Here you can see all the games that your friend has bought under "Purchased". There, you then click on FIFA 23 and download it.
  8. Once it is downloaded, you can switch to your own account, and then you will see that FIFA 23 has been downloaded to your account.

It's important to note that if your friend bought the Ultimate Edition on the PS Store, for example, you can also share the game, but only your friend gets the Ultimate Edition, and you only get the "normal" version of FIFA 23.

SharePlay On PlayStation 5: How To Share FIFA 23

Yes, you can share FIFA 23 on PS5. It's actually very easy, and a similar process to that of the PS4. We will still list how to do it, though.

How To Share FIFA 23 On PS5

  1. Your buddy, who already has FIFA 23, logs into your PS5 with his account (or you do it if he gives you his data).
  2. Then "Console Sharing" must be activated for the account.
  3. Now, you can also go to the library here and access the download.
  4. When the download is finished, switch back to your account, then FIFA 23 is also available to you, and you can play it together!

Can You Share PS5 FIFA 23 with PS4?

Yes, you can share PS5 FIFA 23 with your friends on PS4. Game sharing works between both the PS4 and the PS5, so if your friend has a copy of FIFA 23 on PS5, he or she can still share the game with you. Here's how it works:

Can You Share FIFA 23 on Xbox One?

Yes, you can share FIFA 23 on Xbox One. It works a similar way on PlayStation, but looks and functions a little differently. We have picked out a YouTube tutorial for you that shows you how to share games on Xbox. Thus, check it out for yourself here: