FIFA 23: When Is The Next TOTW Coming To FUT?

You are waiting for Team of the Week 27 to release in FIFA 23? It would be the next TOTW in FUT after all. Well… we'll explain why you'll have to wait much longer than usual.

TOTW 27 in FUT23
FIFA 23: When will the next TOTW be released in FUT? | © EarlyGame

Another week, a new Team of the Week. Well, at least that is what we are used to in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The TOTW squad honors the performance of the best players of the past matchday in their respective leagues. The cards are in packs for one week and are also the red player picks in FUT Champions.

But this procedure has changed with TOTW 26.

Next TOTW In FIFA 23: When Is The TOTW 27 Release Date?

The TOTS time brings a lot of changes in FUT, the TOTW is also affected. Next to new Squad Battle Rewards and Division Rivals Rewards, we have gotten the last TOTW in the history of FIFA.

Yes, shocking, isn't it? TOTW 26 was the last one in FUT 23 – and with the big new change in the fall of this year, it is the last one in FIFA ever. We're also not quite sure if we see the TOTW again in EA Sports FC... But we all have to wait and see what EA is planning with this weekly highlight selection.

We hope for more than just a few changes for the Inform cards. There is no doubt that the TOTW has lost more and more relevance in FUT in recent years.

EA Ends The TOTW Earlier Than Ever Before – A Farewell to the Team of the Week?

If we look back over the last few years of FUT, the TOTW was a very influential thing in FUT. Every Wednesday evening, every one of us sat excitedly in front of the console and couldn't wait for the next stars who we desperately wanted to pack.

Over a really long period of time, the selection really was the highlight of every week. But the TOTW has lost its status as a collection of outstanding cards for a long time now. Gradually, numerous promo cards outstripped the TOTW. EA's attempt to give some players a special boost with featured TOTW cards didn't help either.

Most TOTW cards aren't meta or have the potential to really upgrade your squad. Well... besides Mbappé Informs that are more expensive than most of your squads combined.

Nowadays, most of the TOTW cards we pack go straight into SBCs or get quick sold right away. And with the end of the TOTW after 26 teams, EA is ending the series earlier than ever. We got 36 TOTWs in FIFA 22 and the last one was released in June – and some of you might remember the times when we've got a TOTW every single week of the year. 52 in total!

Now, the TOTW says goodbye in a style that's simly sad. Hello TOTS – just stfu and go to hell, TOTW.

But we don't have to get too sentimental, because we hope (and we're pretty sure) that the TOTW series will find its place again in EA's next game. Maybe they will even come up with some changes, so it can build on its glorious early days... Everybody would welcome that.

Perhaps it can then build on its glorious early days. We would be pleased.

Take care, TOTW. We hope to see you again in EA Sports FC.

Team of the Week 26 is historic – the last TOTW in the FIFA series. | © EA Sports

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