Don't Spend Money On FIFA Ultimate Team

Every FUT player knows the deal: If you want to have a great team, then you need a lot of coins. FIFA Points can be really helpful and bought with real money. We tell you why you shouldn't do that.

FIFA 22 FUT Points
If you put too much money in FIFA, you're simply lost | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

We all know how it works. Same procedure as every year – the grind to get the best team in FUT. In order to purchase an awesome squad with good meta-players, you need coins – and lots of them.

We've already put together all the best ways and possibilities for you to make coins in Ultimate Team. And as you probably know, the quickest way is to buy FIFA Points with cash and then open FUT packs until your fingers are bleeding.

The biggest problem, besides the fact that you must start all over again every year, is the addiction. And you can be sucked in faster than you might think.

Why You Should Not Buy FIFA Points

Let's take a Reddit post from FIFA 22 as an example. One user explains that he has spent a crazy amount of money to push his FUT team:

Don't buy packs! Just don't do it guys. Its not worth it. I have an addiction problem with stuff like this. Lootboxes, packs, skins, etc. I spent 2000€ on Fifa packs and the best i pulled was RB Foden and second best De Bruyne. Yes i made some coins and i could afford some other players, but for what? For a game that will be replaced by Fifa 23 in a year. I spent 2000€ to play Squad Battles. Thats alot of money for me. I hate myself for that and it keeps me awake at night.

Just be careful guys.

Obviously, this is someone who is caught in the vortex of the loot box system. It's gambling – nothing else. Of course, it's okay if you've got 4600 FIFA Points at release to make it easier to get started.

Of course, it's okay if you want points again for your birthday or Christmas and treat yourself with some packs – no problem at all. We just want to let you know that EA makes more than enough money without you. Especially in Ultimate Team. And that you should be careful how much real money you spend – you lose track of this faster than you think.