Marco Verratti Rulebreaker SBC in FUT

Marco Verratti is the next Rulebreaker SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. But what difference does the upgrade make on him? We'll show you the cheapest solution for the SBC!

Verratti sbc rulebreaker fifa 22 ultimate team
Your next brother from another mother. | © CesarOne

Having a European champion on your team is always a good decision. Marco Verratti, in particular, did a good job at the European Championships and once again proved his strengths on the pitch. What about FIFA 22, though? Well, our relationship is complicated. His pace is just ridiculous (67), but his dribbling (91) and passing stats (87) will at least help you in your build up game. To be honest, there are silver cards with better stats.

With the release of Rulebreaker Team 1, EA came up with some real bangers. The new special cards really mix up the game and maybe bring some balance to the Ultimate Team transfer marekt again. Because of this, the expectations for the Rulebreaker SBCs were very high. And with Marco Verratti they were fulfilled... at least for some parts of the community.

Rulebreaker SBC in FIFA 22 – Marco Verratti

Before we get to the upgrades, we need to talk about a significant downgrade. Verrati's passing goes down by 6 points to an 81. In return, the Italian's physique rushes up 21 points (88). The pace (72) is also improved, defensive and dribbling receive small boosts as well. As always, the community and I interpret the stats differently. Of course, most of them are crying because the pace has not been increased to 99. Just shut up.

Whoever wants to run around like a headless chicken in the last third of the attack with Verratti, a defensive playmaker, has not understood football at all. His boosts in the defensive area make the European champion a reliable midfielder and in the end, a pace of 72 is not that bad. With Rulebreaker Verratti, you get a new vacuum cleaner. But is he also one of the best CDM's in FIFA 22?

Rulebreaker Marco Verratti SBC – All Challenges

Whether you get Verratti in the end is your decision. If you want to complete the SBC, you should have around 120,000 coins left. You have to send in four teams in total for the SBC. Here we go!

  • Rulebreakers: min. 1 Halloween player, min. 82 OVR, min. 80 chemistry
Verratti sbc rulebreaker
A bit of Bundesliga is enough. | © EA Sports
  • Tactical Emulation: min. 1 player from PSG, min. 83 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
Sbc verratti tactical emulation
Icardi for Verratti? No brainer! | © EA Sports
  • Ligue 1: min. 1 Ligue 1 player, min. 84 OVR, min. 70 chemistry
Sbc verratti fifa 22 ultimate team rulebreaker
Just push Icardi out of your team. Eugenia is his team now. | © EA Sports
  • National Duty: min. 1 Spieler from Italy, min. 1 TOTW player, min. 85 OVR, min. 65 chemistry
National duty rulebreaker sbc verratti
Last but not least – a bit of charming Serie A. | © EA Sports

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