Leak: Fortnite x Back to The Future Crossover

Donald Mustard has leaked a new Fortnite crossover with one of the most famous movies in the world. Will the characters or even the DeLorean from Back to the Future come to the island?

Fortnite Back to the Future
Are Fortniters even old enough to know? | © Universal Pictures / Epic Games

Fortnite by far has the most and best collaborations in gaming. Epic Games has already collaborated with Marvel, League of Legends, DC, Naruto, Ariana Grande, and many more. Other noteworthy franchises include Tomb Raider, Ghostbusters, and Resident Evil, honestly, the list goes on and on.

Many of these were leaked by data miners at first and then confirmed by Epic at a later date or simply released into the game. Even Chief Creative Officer of Epic Games, Donald Mustard of all people, likes to leak the next possible collaborations. Today we have a crossover with Back to the Future to Future.

Fortnite x Back to the Future Leaks

Donald Mustard posted a series of very confusing tweets between January 23 and January 25, 2022. And those who follow him know that he never does something like that without a reason.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is all about Spider-Man and the mythical item, the Web-Shooters, which allow you to hurtle across the map like a literal Spider-Man. In addition, Epic already announced that more skins and enemies of Spider-Man could join the game, including the Green Goblin.

So the reference to Mysterio doesn't seem that far-fetched, however, a later posted follow-up has thrown his Twitter followers completely off.

Perhaps you may have no idea what this is, so let us briefly clarify. The GIF shown in Donald Mustard's tweet is from the movie Back to the Future. A classic from the 80s, the movie is about a teenager named Marty McFly, who arrives in 1955 with the help of a 1985 time machine designed by Dr. Emmett L. Brown. Once there, he inadvertently prevents his parents from meeting and falling in love, and instead, his mother falls in love with him. As suspected, this of course changes the entire future timeline, and Marty tries to somehow put the events back in order.

So, if you haven't seen the movie yet, please go fix that!

Well, back to the leaks. Of course, fans of the movie are now desperate for Marty and the Doc to appear as skins in Fortnite. And in fact, this wasn't the first teaser. In the past, Epic Games has sent Fortnite leaker Shiina a survey asking him about his opinion on certain characters and franchises.

In fact, some named names from the survey are now in Fortnite, including Kratos (God of War), Cammy (Street Fighter), Venom, Predator, and many more. What fans will notice is that yes, Back to the Future is also on the list!

Who knows, maybe Donald just lost his mind while he happened to have his cell phone in his hand…. but perhaps he really did tease the classic, and we'll soon get Marty, Dr. Emmett, and maybe even the DeLorean in Fortnite.