Blanka und Sakura From Street Fighter Coming To Fortnite

Street Fighter, we all know it and love and while we've got a bunch of characters from the series already in Fortnite, Blanka and Sakura have been missing from the island, but now they're finally here, and we've got all the details for you!
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Two new fighters enter the Island. | © Epic Games

Street Fighter is turning 35. Yes, you read that right. The game is as old as your parents, and therefore we're celebrating! How? Well of course, with an exclusive Fortnite x Street Fighter outfit! And guys, we're not just getting one but two new outfits from the iconic Capcom game.

Sure, we've already got Ryu, Chun-Li and other characters from the game series, but now Blanka and Sakura enter the arena... wait, no I meant island. So let's check them out and go over all the details.

All Blanka Cosmetics

The first Street Fighter is Hulk... no wait... Dr. Mundo... no, it's Blanka! Sorry, the similarities are uncanny. Just look at this outfit, doesn't it look scary? Well, I sure as hell would go running for the hills if this guy is chasing me on the island. But let's take a look at all of the accessories that come with Blanka.

Fortnite blanka
Since when does the Hulk have a twin? | © Epic Games
  • Outfit "Blanka" + alt Style "Blanka Delgado" & "Blanka Backflip "Emote.
  • Back Bling "Blanka-Chan"
  • Pickaxe "Tropical Hazard Kebab"

All Sakura Cosmetics

As already mentioned, the main character of Street Fighter, Ryu, has already landed on the Island, so it was only a matter of time until Sakura joined him. Check her out below as well as all cosmetics you can get with her.

Fortnite sakura
No more time at the arcade... it's Fortnite time! | © Epic Games
  • Outfit "Sakura" + alt Style "Sakura Gym" & emote "Sakura's Victory Sway"
  • Back Bling "Hanakaze Claw"
  • Pickaxe "Fighting Tournament Trophy"
  • Glider "Kayari Buta"

When Will The Blanka & Sakura Outfits Release?

The two World Warriors will be released on Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 8PM EST in the Fortnite Item Shop. That's where you can pick them up in the following days, so don't worry if you have finals and can't log onto the computer for that time.

That's not all though, guys. There are two exclusive Blanka & Sakura Cups in which you can win some goodies. Of course, we've also got an article on that so don't worry, just head on over to find out how you can participate!