How To Use & Where To Find The Boogie Bomb In Fortnite

Fortnite veterans will get a sense of nostalgia with one of the returning items for the No Sweat Summer event - the Boogie Bomb!

Boogie bombs
Boogie Bombs do exactly what you're thinking. I ©Epic Games

The funky item was introduced back in 2017 during Fortnite season 2 and has been a staple of the battle royale for most of its existence. In recent years, sadly, the Boogie Bomb has been vaulted and unvaulted several times making it an elusive item to get your hands on.

Good news though! As we've mentioned, the new No Sweat Summer event has kicked off, and to add more spice to the relaxed summery vibes of Fortnite, the Boogie Bombs have made their glorious return! You'll want to get your hands on a few and get acquainted with them as a special No Sweat quest will task you with making a character dance with a Boogie Bomb.

How To Use Boogie Bombs In Fortnite

Boogie bomb
The Boogie Bomb has been vaulted and unvaulted several times I ©Epic Games

The Boogie Bomb does exactly what you're thinking - it makes those affected dance! No, for real, the Boogie Bomb does not deal damage but rather makes those targeted by it hit the dancefloor for five seconds.

That means they can't build, run for cover, shoot back, or anything else. They'll regain the ability to move after five seconds or when they take any kind of damage. Initially, Boogie Bomb's effect lasted a whopping 15 seconds, but that was just too OP so Epic Games nerfed it; furthermore, they enhanced the rarity of the item, moving it from Uncommon to Rare.

Where To Find Boogie Bombs In Fortnite

There's not a sure way to guarantee you'll get a Boogie Bomb in Fortnite, as the only method to acquire it is by looting chests, finding supply drops, killing sharks, and more around the island. So, better beat your opponents to those landmarks filled with loot to increase your chances of trying out this new groovy item!

Honestly, being such a fun item to play around with, we hope that it sticks around for more than a few weeks. Remember that the Boogie Bomb affects enemies, teammates, and even NPCs!

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