Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Won't Be Marvel-themed According To Leaks

The first official image from the upcoming Fortnite season has been leaked, with insiders confirming information that Marvel fans won't like.

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We're slowly but surely getting more leaks. I ©Epic Games

We're just weeks away from Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 going live, and naturally, leaks have started surfacing left and right - the latest one involves what kind of content could not feature as well as the first official image associated with the season.

It all comes via reliable leaker and Fortnite community member HYPEX, who shared the first official image from Chapter 3 Season 4 which you can see above. According to HYPEX, it's potentially a teaser of Paradigm, a member of The Seven, the group that swore to protect The Zero Point and kick-started the storyline for Fortnite Season 3 in 2018.

That isn't the only interesting leak coming from our friend HYPEX, as he confirmed the season won't be entirely Marvel-themed in a follow-up tweet.

It was highly speculated that a superhero season would be once again in order for fans of the battle royale, causing a bit of mixed reactions, with a portion of the players claiming they're burnout on the theme while others maintained excitement at the possibility of their favorite Marvel hero making it into the game.

That doesn't mean we won't get Marvel or even DC-themed content. In recent seasons, we've had superhero cosmetics making it into the game, such as the Dr. Strange skin on the Chapter 3 Season 2 battle pass, or the recent Wolverine Zero in the August Crew Pack.

What the theme of Chapter 3 Season 4 remains to be seen - one thing's for sure, Epic Games has been building it with a ton of mystery surrounding it, so expect it to be one of the craziest or at least more interesting seasons in recent memory.

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