Chloe Kim Fortnite Skin: Price, Cosmetics & How To Get It

Fortnite and crossovers - they just go together. New partnerships are announced again and again. And so in our weekly series, we present you with a Fortnite skin each time, and go into the details of its background. Today, it's snowboard superstar Chloe Kim's turn.
Fortnite chloe kim
She slides onto the island! | © Epic Games

More and more characters from TV, film or other games appear as skins in Fortnite. So that you don't lose sight of the story behind the characters, we'll keep you up to date. Our weekly series returns with a nice collaboration between Epic Games and snowboarding superstar Chloe Kim.

Fortnite Skin: Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim is an American snowboarder, and she's wildly talented! In addition to numerous other awards, the young woman became an Olympic champion in the halfpipe at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing for the second time in a row. In addition to her sporting career, Kim also publicly campaigns against the threat of climate change.

How Do You Get The Chloe Kim Skin In Fortnite?

The Chloe Kim Skin was added on March 24, 2022 as part of the Icon Series in Chapter 3, Season 2 with Patch 20.00. It's available from time to time in the Fortnite item shop, but you can also unlock the Chloe Kim Outfit and the Winter Wings Back Bling for free by placing well in the Chloe Kim Cup.

What Does The Chloe Kim Skin Cost In Fortnite?

You can purchase the Chloe Kim skin individually from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. The skin is also available as part of the Chloe Kim bundle for 2,400 V-Bucks.

What Cosmetics Are Included In The Chloe Kim Bundle?

Chloe Kim comes with the following cosmetics:

Outfit Chloe Kim

Chloe kim
Chloe Kim. | © Epic Games

Olympic Champion and Queen of the Halfpipe.

What a frosty skin! The outfit includes four alternative styles in addition to the standard style:

  • Gold Streak: A black snowboard suit with a gold dragon—inspired by her two consecutive gold medal wins.
  • Pink Poppy: A pink and blue snowboard suit.
  • Ice Cold: Start a match with the Pink Poppy style and progress to the ice-cold Frozen style with each elimination.
  • Frozen: A frostier take on the Pink Poppy style.

Back Bling

Rücken Accessoire Winterschwingen
Sub-Zero Back Bling | © Epic Games

Sub-Zero Back Bling

Of course, the outfit also includes frosty back bling. Float over the island with these icy wings. They definitely look nice!

Frozen Flourish Harvesting Tool

Spitzhacke Frostflamme
Frozen Flourish. | © Epic Games

That will catch the competition off guard.

This weapon could also have been used by Erza in Frozen. But that would be for a different fandom entirely. The harvesting tool is yours for 800 V-Bucks.

Emote Snowboard-Flip

Let's roll!

With this emote, you can show off your tricks on the slopes. But don't do this in real life!

Nunbola Glider

Hängegleiter Eisdrache
Nunbola. | © Epic Games

A guardian of the frozen peaks!

Be honest: Isn't this one of the coolest gliders in the game? You can ride through the air on this thing's back for 800 V-Bucks.

Chloe Kim was introduced with this cool teaser:

We're back next week with another collaboration in our Fortnite Skin Introductory Series. Until then, have a look at the other great skins in detail: Fortnite Skins in Detail: Travis Scott or Fortnite Skins in Detail: LazarBeam.