Fortnite Cobra DMR: Stats & How To Get It

Looking for a long-range Fortnite weapon? Then Epic Games has something new in store for you: the Cobra DMR.

Fortnite cobra dmr
The long range of the Cobra DMR is difficult to escape. | © Epic Games

The original DMR was added in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. It was a semi-automatic rapid-fire rifle with a scope that enables long-range combat. The rifle probably didn't have enough oomph for Epic, which is why they've now retired it and replaced it with the new Cobra DMR. This weapon has a significantly higher rate of fire and twice the magazine size of the regular DMR. This makes it ideal for taking down enemies extremely quickly without having to reload often.

We have the exact stats of the weapon for you and show you how to get them!

Fortnite Cobra-DMR: Stats

The Cobra DMR in Fortnite is available from common to mythic, with each rarity dealing additional damage. However, the rate of fire and magazine size are the same at every tier. These are the stats for the Cobra DMR:

RarityDPSBody Shot DamageHeadshot DamageMagazine SizeFire RateReload Speed
Common14436592043.85 s
Uncommon15238622043.675 s
Rare16040662043.5 s
Epic16842692043.325 s
Legendary17644722043.15 s
Mythic18446752042.975 s

The long range of the Cobra DMR is difficult to escape. The high rate of fire allows you to finish off your opponents quickly if you have a steady hand.

How To Get The Cobra DMR

Luckily, the Cobra DMR is available all over the island. It can be found on the ground, in chests and supply drops, and obtained from reality seedlings, fishing, and sharks.

So you shouldn't have any trouble getting the Cobra DMR in Fortnite, but of course the rarer versions are harder to find, so it's worth knowing all the Power Up Bench locations in Chapter 3.