Fortnite: Where To Find The Curdle Scream Leader

The Fortnitemares event is here, bringing not only new Halloween skins but also special contracts to the island. One of these quests requires you to purchase 2 items from the Curdle Scream Leader. We'll show you where to find them.

Fortnite curdle scream leader
We'll show you where to find the Curdle Scream Leader in Chapter 3, Season 4. | © Epic Games

The big Fortnitemares Halloween event is back this year, and as always, there are a few challenges with juicy rewards. In one of these new quests you should find the Curdle Scream Leader and buy two items from her. We'll show you where to find the NPC.

Curdle Scream Leader Location: Research Lab Minotaur

The Curdle Scream Leader is a new NPC that has recently appeared on Fortnite Island. The character has a Halloween twist on our favorite teddy bear, the Snuggle Officer. And while the Halloween version isn't quite as cute, it's still worth checking out as they sell some interesting items.

You can find the Scream Leader near the Research Lab Minotaur location. This is the little cottage to the east of Tilted Towers. Here you can see the exact location on the map:

Fortnite Kreischbeauftragte Location
Location of the Curdle Scream Leader. | ©

The NPC wanders around a bit. However, the small speech bubble on the minimap should show you exactly where the Scream Officer is.

Once you've found him, all you have to do is buy two more items from the NPC, so make sure you have enough gold bars with you. These are the items the Screech Commissioner will sell you:

  • Hop Drop: 100 gold bars
  • Peppermint: 100 gold bars
  • Epic Pumpkin Head Launcher: 600 gold bars

Once you've bought the items, the mission will be complete and you'll get 15,000 XP. We advise you to buy the pumpkin head launcher straight away, as you can then immediately complete the "Destroy objects with the pumpkin head launcher" challenge.