Fortnite: How To Find & Defeat The Inkquisitor

With the Fortnite: Nightmares event, a new boss, the Inkquisitor, came to Fortnite Island. If you defeat him, he will drop the mythical Suppressed Submachine Gun, which can definitely help you in battle. We show you where to find the Tintquisitor and how to defeat him.

Fortnite Tintqisitor
Defeat the Inkquisitor and get a new mythical weapon! | © Epic Games

The Tintquisitor is a brand new boss in Fortnite that was introduced with the last Halloween update. This makes him the second boss of the season alongside Herald. And of course, the Tintquisitor also has a powerful new weapon, the mythical silenced submachine gun. We'll show you where to find the new boss and how to defeat him.

Here you will find the Inkquisitor

To find the Inkquisitor, you must first go to the spooky place of Grim Gables. This location is where Shifty Shafts was previously found. But before you go to him, we advise you to equip yourself and loot a few chests so that you are not immediately defeated by him.

Once you have some weapons, head into the main building of the location. Inside you have to find the carpet on the floor and destroy it. This allows you to go one level deeper. There, in turn, is a wooden plank that hides another abyss. Break the plank, open the hole and jump in.

Inside the basement is a pattern on the floor. When you stand on it, it'll start glowing red. This will eventually summon the Inkquisitor, but beware, other enemies will also spawn alongside him, like zombies and zombie chickens that are out to get you.

How to defeat the Inkquisitor

Now all you have to do to get the mythical MP is defeat the Inkquisitor. That's easier said than done. The boss has a lot of life points, so make sure not to take any damage. It's best to go up against him with a full team. Four of you should have done it quickly.

In addition to the MP, the Inkquisitor drops a Pumpkin Launcher, Ammo, and Heal Stuff. As soon as you have looted, however, you should quickly leave the place because enemy players are also after the loot.

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