Fortnite Howler Claws - Where To Get & How To Use

If you're a fan of melee-based weapons then the Howler Claws are made just for you! Here's everything you need to know about them.

fortnite howler claws
A new Halloween-themed weapon! I ©Epic Games

The yearly Halloween tradition has arrived once again in Fortnite with the spooky-themed limited-time event, Fortnitemares. Bringing plenty of cool stuff to grind and quests to complete, Fortnitemares also introduces a shiny new weapon - the Howler Claws.

The Howler Claws are an incredibly fun-to-use melee-based weapon. As the name implies, they are indeed claws, however, they are made of Chrome, the mysterious substance plaguing the Fortnite island. When you equip them, a neat wolf mask completes the set to make your character look even cooler!

Here's what you need to do to get your hands on them!

How To Get The Howler Claws

You need to wait until both projections merge together. I ©Epic Games

Getting the Howler Claws is relatively easy, the only real difficult part is clearing the area from which you're supposed to get them. You need to dance on an Alteration Altar and wait a few seconds until your character merges with DJ Lyka. Once this is complete, you'll be given the Howler Claws.

You'll find Alteration Altars at the following locations:

  • Chromejam Junction
  • Shiny Sound
  • Lustrous Lagoon
  • Reality Tree
  • Flutter Barn
  • Shimmering Shrine
  • Cloudy Condos

How To Use Howler Claws

The Claws come with unique abilities, three in total to be precise:

  • Wolfscent Ability: Howl to activate the Wolfscent Ability, lasting a limited time before going into a cooldown. The Wolfscent Ability gives you tracking vision, repeatedly putting a mark on enemies in a nearby radius. If no enemies are in the radius, the Wolfscent Ability will immediately enter the cooldown
  • Slash Ability: Your standard melee attacks. You can perform up to a four-hit combo with them, like a cool fighting game!
  • Air Slash Ability: Your claws make you able to air slash too. With the Air Slash Ability, perform a double-jump that damages opponents upon landing

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