Fortnite: How To Get Chrome Punk Skin For Free

A new, free skin is in Fortnite! We'll show you how to get the Chrome Punk outfit!

Fortnite chrom punk skin
A new free Fortnite skin? Here's how to get it! | © Epic Games

With the 22.20 update, the Fortnitemares Halloween event finally appeared on the island. The celebrations are over by now, but players can now earn the free chrome punk skin. All you have to do is gain 50 account levels. We have the exact details for you.

Fortnite: How To Get Chrome Punk Skin

Players can get the Chrome Punk Outfit for free by leveling up their account. There are even a few other goodies on top of that. Here you can see which cosmetics you get for which level up:

  1. Earn 10 Account Levels: Chromeseed Back Accessory
  2. Earn 25 Account Levels: Graveyard Rave Loading Screen
  3. Earn 50 Account Levels: Chrome Punk Skin

It's important to remember that your account tier in Fortnite is completely different than your Battle Pass tier. If you want to check your account level, you can do so in the Careers section in Fortnite. Here you can find your account level in the top section on the left.

The Chrome Punk quests are available until the end of the season. So don't worry, you still have some time to level up your account.

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