Fortnite Fire With Fire Week - All Quests

With the introduction of patch 21.51, Epic Games has given fans more challenges to help them complete the Chapter 3 Season 3 Fortnite battle pass.

FORTNITE wild fire
Time to grind new challenges. I ©Epic Games

The latest Fortnite update didn't bring a ton of new content to the game but rather unvaulted some weapons for players to enjoy during the Fire With Fire week, which started on September 7 and will last until the 13th.

That's not all, naturally, Epic has introduced new quests to give players one final push towards completing the Chapter 3 Season 3 battle pass before it goes away on September 17.

In total, two weapons were unvaulted - the Primal Flame Bow and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun. Furthermore, the Firefly Jars will become more prevalent on the Fortnite island, and to top it all off, Chug Cannons will be available from vending machines and even as part of the regular loot pool.

Fire With Fire Week Quests

In total, four challenges are available for players to complete, all rewarding them with a healthy dose of XP. Take a look at them down below:

ChallengeNumber of TimesReward
Deal damage to opponents within 10 meters with the Dragon's Breath Shotgun80012,000 XP
Extinguish fires on Structures with Slurp10012,000 XP
Hit an opponent with a fully drawn Primal Flame Bow212,000 XP
Ignite structures5012,000 XP

As you might have expected, yes, all the missions are strictly tied to the new weapons that were unvaulted for this week. Epic has made sure these are all easily obtainable, which is why everything will be dropping from regular sources of loot, like chests, ammo boxes, and vending machines.

Remember that you only have until September 13 to complete these, if you still haven't completed your battle pass and don't want to miss out on the Darth Vader skin, we recommend you try these challenges, as they're not particularly hard to complete.

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