Fortnite Naruto Skin: Release Date Confirmed!

The hype in the Fortnite community is real. Everyone is looking forward to the new Naruto Skin. And now we (finally) know when we're going to get it!

Fortnite naruto skin release date
Naruto in Fortnite: The hype is real! | © Epic Games

After so much speculation surrounding the Naruto Skin and its release in Fortnite, we now have some answers. And of course, it's all very heavily tied to Fortnite update 18.40 and its unfortunate delay. So when is the skin coming?

Fortnite Naruto Skin Release Date

We'll get the Naruto Skin this season on November 16, together with update 18.40. As this is the case, the skin will probably be released at 00:00 PT (03:00 ET, 08:00 BST, 09:00 CET). After the well-known leaker HYPEX also Fortnite officially confirmed the Naruto Skin on Twitter. Take a look for yourself:

It's kind of strange that Epic waited so long to finally release the skin because Naruto leaked way back towards the end of Season 7. Throughout Season 8, we received hints and leaks that repeatedly confirmed that Naruto was on the way to our island, but they really held back on a date.

There were rumors that we may have to wait until Season 9 - or Chapter 3 - for the skin, but those who knew better quickly confirmed this was a lie. So we are of course massively hyped that we only need to wait until November 16th...unless Epic Games postpones something again. Along with the Naruto skin coming in this update, we can expect some other really nice innovations in Fortnite.

Don't forget, this way you can use the Naruto Skin from the start of the third chapter. What better way to tackle the new season than with such a sweet new outfit?

That's all we currently know about the Naruto x Fortnite collaboration. So the Naruto skin will be available in Fortnite very soon. And when the skin comes, we will of course keep you updated.