Fortnite: Update 18.40 Delayed!

The update 18.40 for Fortnite is delayed. As a well-known leaker reports, the update will come one week later. The update is therefore definitely not to be expected this week. When is the patch coming?
Fortnite update 18 40 verschoben
No update for us... | © Epic Games

So far we thought that the next update after version 18.30 for Fortnite will appear on November 9, 2021. Updates, changes and more: The well-known Tuesday patch is known in Fortnite ... but we have to be patient a little longer, because the release will be delayed.

When Will Fortnite Update 18.40 Be Released?

Fortnite version 18.30 was released at the end of October and brought the invasion of the cube queen - which can also be earned as a free skin by completing various quests. The well-known Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey recently spoke up on Twitter and reported that the release of Update 18.40 was delayed until November 16. So the patch will no longer appear this week, but next week. Unfortunately.

Of course, this information does not only come from our familiar leaker, but also on the Epic website we can see that the patch does not await us until November 16th. By the way, it will be the final update in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. A lot of people have already speculated about what will come after Season 8...

Season 8 ends on December 5th, 2021, so we can still enjoy it for three weeks. Nevertheless, it is still blatant: Epic Games does not say anything to a possible Chapter 3. We don't know anything about what will happen after Chapter 2 Season 8. But that's how we know Epic.

So only this month we have time to unlock the Cube Queen and the Marvel Carnage skin. We're still expecting the Naruto skin, so maybe it will come along with the 18:40 update? It would definitely be awesome...