Fortnite Tover Token Locations: How To Customize Snap

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 includes the customizable Snap Outfit. You will need to collect Tover Tokens, here are all their known locations.

Fortnite snap tover token
Snap is Fortnite's latest customizable cosmetic. | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has arrived bringing with it three new weapons, a new Storm Sickness mechanic, and the lush Reality Falls biome which includes the Reality Tree and Reality Saplings.

There is also a new Battle Pass full of cosmetics including film's most iconic villain Darth Vader. There is also the highly-customizable Snap Outfit, the latest in a line of customizable cosmetics. Each of these cosmetics has featured a different way to customize them which usually revolves around collecting a new item found in-game. This time around, Snap can be customized using Tover Tokens, and to help you out we have found out all the Tover Tokens locations at the outset of Season 3.

So, if you want to get vibin' as quickly as possible here are all the Tover Token locations currently known.

How To Customize Snap In Fortnite Season 3

Snap is unlocked on the first page of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass. This "action figure" can then be customized from the Assemble menu which can be found in the Battle Pass menu.

From the Assemble menu you will find options for customizing every aspect of Snap from his head to his toes there are literally thousands of different combinations meaning no two Snaps will likely be the same.

Snap tover 3
You can customize every part of Snap. | © Epic Games

However, to unlock these customizable elements you will need to collect Tover Tokens which can be found on Fortnite's island.

Where To Find Tover Tokens In Fortnite Season 3

The key to unlocking Snap cosmetics is by collecting Tover Tokens. Unlike Omni-Chips or Alien Artifacts, you don't need to collect a certain amount to "buy" the parts, instead, collecting three Tover Tokens from each of their locations will allow you to unlock their corresponding part.

It is early days in Fortnite Season 3, but already some have been discovered. Here are all the currently known Tover Token locations and the part they unlock:


You can find Tover Tokens at the Rave Cave, one of the new POIs.

Resti Marken Rave Cave
Tover Token locations at Rave Cave. | © Epic Games

Raw Power

You can find Tover Tokens at Condo Canyon location in the south.

Tover Tokens Condo Canyon
Tover Token locations at Condo Canyon. | © Epic Games


You can find Tover Tokens in Shifty Shafts.

Tover token shifty
Tover Token locations at Shifty Shafts. | © Epic Games


More Tover Tokens can be found at the Sanctuary.

Tover Token Sanctuary
Tover Token locations at the Sanctuary. | © Epic Games

Sgt. Brush

The Ruins is another location with Tover Tokens.

Tover token ruins
Tover Token locations at The Ruins. | © Epic Games


Find Tover Tokens in Lil' Shaftie

Tover token lil shafty
Tover Token locations in Lil' Shaftie. | © Epic Games

Classic Red

Tover Tokens can spawn at two locations in Reality-Falls.

Tover token reality falls
Tover Token locations in Reality-Falls. | © Epic Games


Tover Token locations at Rocky Reels.

Tover token rocky reels
Tover Token locations at Rocky Reels. | © Epic Games


Find Tover Tokens at The Joneses.

Tover token the joneses
Tover Token locations at The Joneses. | © Epic Games


Find Tover Tokens at the facility previously named Seven Outpost VII.

Tover token seven outpost VII
Find Tover Tokens at an old Seven Outpost. | © Epic Games


There are two potential Tover Tokens at Sleep Sound.

Tover Token Sleepy Sound
Tover Token locations in Sleepy Sound. | © Epic Games


Find Tover Tokens in Logjam Lumberyard.

Tover token logjam
Tover Token locations in Logjam Lumberyard. | © Epic Games


Locations of Tover Tokens at Greasy Grove.

Tover token greasy grove
Tover Token locations in Greasy Grove. | © Epic Games

The exact location of the Tover Token will become apparent as they appear on the minimap when you are close to them. To unlock the rest of the Snap parts, you have to complete weekly challenges. You can find an overview of all the quests here.

Unlock Snap parts With Weekly Missions

To unlock the rest of the Snap parts, you must complete weekly challenges. You can find an overview of all orders here. These are the respective parts you can unlock:


  • Skullglow: Complete 6 weekly quests from week 0
  • Bristle Beast: Complete 6 Week 1 Weekly Missions
  • Bubble Brain: Complete 6 Week 2 Weekly Quests
  • Stone: Complete 6 Week 3 weekly missions
  • Katsu: Complete 6 Week 4 weekly missions
  • Rhino Elite: Complete 6 Week 5 Weekly Missions
  • Snuggly: Complete 6 Week 6 Weekly Missions
  • Kala Madness: Complete 6 Week 7 weekly missions
  • Forbidden: Complete 6 Week 8 weekly missions
  • Plaque Tactics: Complete 6 Week 9 Weekly Missions


  • Coded: Complete 3 Week 0 Weekly Missions
  • Octo Rebel: Complete 3 Week 1 Weekly Missions
  • Light Spikes: Complete 3 Week 2 Weekly Quests
  • Hidden Blade: Complete 3 Week 3 Weekly Missions
  • Bone Tough: Complete 3 Week 4 Weekly Missions
  • Happy Llama: Complete 3 Week 5 Weekly Missions
  • Camouflage Cyber ​​Hull: Complete 3 Week 6 Weekly Missions
  • XO: Complete 3 Week 8 Weekly Missions
  • Primeval: Complete 3 Week 9 Weekly Missions


  • Neon Sprint: Complete 25 weekly missions
  • Street Blitz: Complete 45 weekly missions
  • Bone Walker: Complete 55 weekly quests
  • Blauuurgh: Complete 75 weekly missions

Upper Body

  • Color Streaks: Complete 35 weekly missions
  • Frenzy: Complete 65 weekly missions

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