Fortnite x Akira: Next Anime Crossover Is Coming to The Island

Fortnite is no stranger to awesome crossovers, and we've seen anime crossovers in particular become more and more common. The new cinematic trailer for Chapter 4 has kinda already teased the next big anime collab coming to the island.

The trailers for chapter 4 of Fortnite just dropped, and people are already theorizing what kind of interesting references might be hidden in the videos. This time, one scene in particular might tease the next big anime crossover coming to Fortnite.

In the cinematic trailer, you can see Thunder and Highwire being chased by Eren Jaeger, riding on a new type of bike, before coming to a grinding halt.

They do so in spectacular fashion, looking oddly similar to an iconic scene from the popular anime Akira. This was also pointed out by the popular leaker HYPEX, who just never misses with his leaks and predictions.

According to HYPEX we could expect an Akira collaboration in the near future which, looking at the amount of anime content, Fortnite recently added to their game, doesn't seem farfetched at all.

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Always take leaks with a grain of salt though, as that exact scene from Akira especially has been copied dozens of times and might just have been included because it looks cool.

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