Fortnite Geralt of Rivia Skin: All Quests & Rewards

The Witcher protagonist Geralt of Rivia is finally available in Fortnite, and we're showing you the quests to complete to get the skin in your locker!

Fortnite Geralt Riva Skin release challenges
Say hello to monster hunter Geralt of Rivia on Fortnite Island. | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 is already at its peak and players are enjoying the sweet rewards they can unlock through their Battle Pass and Mid-Season Rewards. But they are particularly happy about a very special crossover skin that is finally available!

Geralt of Rivia from the famous game The Witcher is one of the bonus rewards for Battle Pass owners this season, which has been available in the game since February 7th. Here's how to unlock The Witcher skin in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1.

Fortnite x Geralt of Rivia: All The Witcher Cosmetics and Quests

Because the Geralt of Rivia Skin is a bonus reward, it and its cosmetics can only be unlocked through certain challenges. But don't worry, the quests are pretty easy, so you shouldn't have any trouble completing them quickly.

Here are all Geralt of Riva quests and rewards:

  • Geralt of Rivia Loading Screen: Activate reality augments in 5 different matches
  • The Sorcerer's Weapon Back Bling: Defeat a boss
  • Muscle Memory Spray Motive: Complete 3 bounty hunts
  • Igni Sign Emote: Emote in The Citadel Throne Room
  • Sorcerer's Ray Sword Harvesting Tool: Deal 500 damage to enemies with a melee weapon (hammer or pickaxe)
  • Geralt of Rivia Outfit: Complete Page 1 of the Quests

However, this is only the first page of the quests for Geralt of Rivia. The second side will not be available until February 28th and will reveal even more The Witcher Cosmetics.

Looking at the other bonus rewards, we're probably going to get a glider, another emote, and an additional style for Geralt of Rivia with the second page. So far, however, neither Fortnite nor the leakers have confirmed anything about it.

However, we will update this article for you once Page 2 of the Witcher Quests is available.

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