Fortnite Guess The Rank: Details & How To Play

The Guess The Rank site has now launched a mini-game more or less related to Fortnite's Ranked mode. The aim is simple: guess a player's rank via a video and earn points if you get it right.

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Guess The Rank is a well-known gaming site in the gaming community, now present on many games thanks to a fairly active community. These include games such as Valorant, League of Legends, CS:GO and Rocket League. But now it's time for Fortnite and its new Ranked mode ranks!

What Is Guess The Rank?

The principle of this game is simple, no matter which video game you select. You are shown a video clip of a player and you have to guess his rank. You earn 100 points if you guess the player's exact rank, 50 if you're really close, 0 if you miss.

In Fortnite, you can choose between all the ranks in Ranked mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion and Unreal.

How To Play Fortnite Guess The Rank

All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to play this browser game, whether you're using a PC or a mobile.

  • Go to the Guess The Rank Fortnite link
  • Click on "Start Game"
  • Watch the YouTube video of the Fortnite clip
  • Click on the rank you think corresponds to the player in the video
  • Complete all 3 rounds and compare your score with those of your friends

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How To Submit Your Own Clip

If you want one of your clips to appear on Fortnite Guess The Rank, you'll need to follow a few steps, but it's easy to do.

  • Go to the Guess The Rank Fortnite link
  • Click on "Upload Own Clip"
  • Select the game "Fortnite"
  • Enter the YouTube link of your clip, your username and your current Rank

Congratulations, your clip has been submitted. It will now be examined and other players can try to guess your rank!

Guess The Rank is a nice little game for when you have a few minutes to spare in the middle of the day.

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