Leak: Spider-Man Is Coming To Fortnite Soon!

According to a new leak, the long rumored inclusion of Spider-Man in Fortnite is supposed to come very, very soon.

Leak: Spider-Man Is Coming To Fortnite Soon!
This is not official but we hope Spidey will look at least this cool. | © xApplezz via YouTube / Epic Games

Friends, it's happening. This one has been in the rumor mill for a while, but according to a new leak, Spider-Man is going to come to Fortnite soon! Very soon! We are obviously excited, as we cannot wait for Epic Games to put another one of the most beloved pop culture characters of all time into Fortnite. And apparently, we won't have to wait for much longer!

Don't forget that two seasons ago, a strange spider web pattern appeared in the official teasers of Fortnite. Although it was only a guess at the time, some assumed that it meant much more... that Spider-Man, the friendly neighborhood spider, everyone's favorite hero, would come to Fortnite. This rumor has been brewing for a while but now the wait seems to finally be over...

Spider-Man Is Coming To Fortnite Soon!

Yes, it's true... according to Fortnite Intel on Twitter, Spider-Man is coming to Fortnite "EXTREMELY soon." Now, those caps show you the excitement everyone in the Fortnite communtiy is feeling about this. And it is bloody exciting! Check the tweet out here:

Everyone who is into leaks and rumors regarding Fortnite will probably have seen that account before. They are a pretty reliable source. So, while you should take this with a grain of salt until it is officially confirmed, we would say... get ready to be webbed up, folks.

Which Items Will Come To Fortnite With Spider-Man?

That is currently not fully known yet. What we know from previous leaks though, is that there could also be a Web-Slinger item, that could allow you to swing around. Fun! See here the abilities this item is supposed to have:

  • Swing Attach Location
  • Swing Detach Time Swinging
  • Swing Accelerate
  • Swing Jump

When Will Spider-Man Come To Fortnite?

That is not clear yet, but as Fortnite Intel said, that it would be, and I repeat, "EXTREMELY soon", we would expect a release within the next week or so.

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