Fortnite: First Official Trailer For The "Fracture" Live-Event

Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 is just around the corner. Now the first official trailer for the live event “Fracture” has been released. Let's have a look.

Fortnite Live Event Trailer
Fortnite Live-Event "Fracture": The Chapter 3 Map is going to shatter... | © Epic Games

Finally… Chapter 4 is right around the corner, and we are in the last days of Chapter 3, Season 4. And you know what will happen. The map will be destroyed once again, and we can see live how disaster and calamity will befall the island.

That’s right. On Saturday, December 3 at 1pm ET / 4pm PT / 10pm CET, we can see the live-event “Fracture” starting, the downtime is going to be round about 12 hours. But it's worth it, because we can expect a new map.

If you're hyped about the new live event, you need to see this: The first official trailer for “Fracture” has been released!

Fortnite Live-Event Trailer “Fracture”

For a few days now, some teasers for the event were shared. There you can see Fortnite characters doing normal things like running around or cleaning the house. But suddenly they stop…

However, you couldn't see what happens next.

But now, just before the live event, there is an official trailer for “Fracture”. At the beginning you can see a writing that says Paradise. In the background, you can see peaceful places like Rave Cave and The Foundation Statue. After that, we see the Reality Tree, while the video screen begins to crack and the word Paradise converts to Fracture.

The clip then quickly switches between several scenes to show Zero Point, a powerful Chrome Tornado and several Fortnite characters watching things fall apart. One of the chrome tornadoes also features The Harbinger, who looks set to be the villain of the live event.

So we can expect Chapter 3 to get a big finale with the live event before the starting of Chapter 4. We're already pretty hyped.

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