Benedikt Schnitzlbaumer

Benedikt Schnitzbaumer

My first experience with video games was in 2017, the release of Fortnite. At that time, well it was only 5 years ago, I didn't have a game console and therefore played only on my smartphone. That was an experience I definitely never wanted to go back to, so I asked for a PlayStation 3 on my birthday, which I sold a few years later and invested in a PS4.

I always wanted to play with as many friends as possible, the only problem was, that everyone played different games. So I sat down and tried every game my friends played. Surprisingly, they were all fun and so in each game I had a different "coach" to help me out. Be it Apex Legends, thanks to Philipp and Tom, be it Rocket League, thanks to Samu and Luka. Every game was incredibly fun, the only problem, my friends were always better than me. That's why I watched a lot of tips and tricks videos and know my way around a lot of games now. But unfortunately I'm still not better than my friends.

But with EarlyGame it paid off to know so many games. That's why I wrote about a lot of different games, but in the end felt most comfortable in the Fortnite category.

And yes I'm still a kid when it comes to gaming, so please don't hate :)

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