Fortnite: All Winterfest Challenges & How To Complete

The time has come again, it's getting wintry in Fortnite. And just like clockwork, we get brand-new challenges to complete. Find out what they are and how to complete them.

Winterfest 2022
All Winterfest Challenges in Fortnite: It's getting cold. | ©EpicGames

Like every year, there is a Fortnite Winterfest with free skins and gifts for you. But there are also new Winterfest challenges in the game that you can complete. We will now show you how to do the challenges, and what you get.

Fortnite: All Winterfest Challenges

These are the Winterfest challenges:

  • Play matches (1, 3, 10, 15, 25)
  • Deal damage with a shotgun (50)
  • Deal damage with a pistol (250)
  • Restore health (300)
  • Decorate traffic lights for Winterfest (3)
  • Throw Holiday Presents at different named locations (3)
  • Check the Cozy Lodge each day to possibly find a slice of pizza (3)
  • Pop out of a giant snowball and damage players within 10 seconds (250)
  • Run over holiday decorations with vehicles (3)
  • Deal damage to opponents while standing on the snow or ice (75)
  • Earn XP in creator made experiences (50000)

Every challenge will give you 16,000 XP. This is a great possibility to level your Battle Pass.

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