Jump Start A Friend in Rocket League: Rewards, Point System and Account Link

With Jump Start A Friend in Rocket League, Psyonix has now launched a pretty cool and unique event. You can bring back friends of yours who haven't played for a while and easily earn exclusive rewards with them. We'll tell you exactly how it works in this article.

Jump Start A Friend in Rocket League
Jump Start A Friend in Rocket League... sounds like good rewards. | © Psyonix

Imagine you've been playing Rocket League with your mate all the time, but then at some point they don't online anymore and *bam*... four months have already passed. Sad Gamer Noises. With the new Jump Start A Friend event, Psyonix wants to bring back players who haven't been in the Battle Arena for a while.

Free rewards can easily be earned, which is the bait you need to reunite your Rocket League crew. You'll be able to gain exclusive rewards together thanks to the event. Oh, and by using a simple trick with your Epic Games account, you can get even MORE rewards.

Jump Start A Friend in Rocket League: How it works

In order to become part of Jump Start A Friend and earn nice rewards for Rocket League, you have to fulfill a few important steps. To help you we've got a small tutorial which outlines the most important information

Sign In at Jump Start A Friend

First of all, you need to make sure that the event knows your account and tracks you so you can get your rewards. For this to work, you need to visit this dedicated Psyonix website and click on "Register Now". In the following step, you have to connect with your account data - no matter if you play on Steam, Epic Games or another platform. The procedure is always the same.

Good to know: When you link your Epic Games account on the website for the first time, a bonus reward awaits you with the "Chopper EG" wheels.

Play with friends & earn points

Once the account has been created, you can leave the website and start Rocket League. For every game you play with a player from your friends list, you will receive 10 points. You get 20 points for playing with someone who hasn't been online for more than 30 days.

Now, those 20 points aren't all you can earn. Playing with a friend that hasn't been online for 30 days or more for the first time will net you a total of 100 points, 5 times the amount of the normal 20. This can be repeated 3 times with 3 different friends and will only count for the first match you play alongside them – so get ready to earn 300 points.

Exchange points for rewards

You don't even have to have played a match to win the first item. For signing up for the Jump Start A Friend event, the community is already rewarded with the player title "Jump Starter". If you grind hard enough, you can earn up to 18 different rewards. These are the first reward checkpoints:
  • 100 Points: Avatar frame "CutCorner"
  • 200 Points: Sticker "Sweat Vet"
  • 300 Points: Wheels "Pointed Posts"
  • 400 Points: Rocket Trail "Manganese"

From 400 points and up, the rewards track consists of all imaginable color variations for the rocket track. Here's a little preview of what that might look like in the arena:

Rocket League Manganese Boost
Many different colors for the Manganese Boost! | ©Psyonix

Jump Start A Friend Release Date & Duration

From November 9 to 22, you can gather your crew in Rocket League and play for the in-game rewards. During this period, you can always sign up for free on the website mentioned above and get started. Although the event is only for a limited time, we can well imagine that it will reappear in the near future. For example, whenever the current Rocket League Season ends and Psyonix wants to get some players back.