How To Play Only Up! In Fortnite

The hype for the new jump 'n' run game Only Up! has now also made it to Fortnite. You can now play the game in the Battle Royale giant's Creative mode. We show you how.

Fortnite only up map code details
Now you can play Only Up even on console! | © Epic Games

Anyone who hasn't noticed the hype around the game "Only Up!" is probably living somewhere under a rock. For weeks, thousands of people have been gathering on Twitch and co. to watch their favourite streamers try to reach the sky over strange objects in the jump 'n' run game - and mostly fail miserably.

And it didn't take long for a creator to sit down and create a Fortnite Only Up map! The cool thing is that unlike the Steam game, you can now play this Only Up Map on console. Here come the details.

Only Up! Explained

The gameplay of Only Up! is actually pretty easy. You control the teenager Jackie and have to overcome many obstacles to reach the highest point in the game. The way up consists of several platforms and a large number of random objects that you probably wouldn't expect to find in the air, such as cars, safes or tracks.

The annoying thing about the game is that if you get it wrong, it's possible to fall all the way back down to the bottom, where you have to start all over again. Yeah... that's been a pain in the ass for some players....

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Fortnite Only Up Map Code & How to Play It

We're actually not surprised that someone has recreated Only Up! in Fortnite. You can easily join the Fortnite Only Up Map by using the island code: 4366-9611-6988.

Once you start the Only Up Fortnite map, the course will take you through different seasons of the game. Each time you reach a new season, you'll hear music. Otherwise, the gameplay is actually the same as from the original.

The cool thing here is that now console players can finally enjoy Only Up! At least until they fail just as miserably and ragequit the game.

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