Fortnite Player Of The Month February 2022: 100T MrSavage

In our Player of the Month series, we introduce you to some of the best players, streamers, and content creators in Fortnite. Today, it's none other than 100T MrSavage.

Mr Savage
There is hardly a Fortnite player who does not know him. | © MrSavage via YouTube

Every month, we take a look at a player who has performed exceptionally well in recent weeks. Last month, it was TNA Mero, and today, we bring you the EarlyGame Player of the Month for February 2022. This time, the title goes to none other than Fortnite Pro: 100T MrSavage.

Before you read on, here is some of the latest Fortnite news to keep you up to date:

Who Is 100T MrSavage?

MrSavage is a Norwegian competitive Fortnite player for the EU region. His professional career began in May 2018, when he played for team Public Enemy. In January 2019, MrSavage moved to NRG Esports, and he has been under contract with 100 Thieves since February 2020.

Savage has already achieved quite a bit within this career. Not only is he a multiple Cash Cup winner, but he also won DreamHack 3 times! He has also placed solidly at FNCS every time he has competed. The young Fortnite player is not only an esports pro, but also one of the biggest Fortnite YouTubers and streamers with1.94 million subs on YouTube and 2.6 Million followers on Twitch.

100T MrSavage Earnings To Date

MrSavage has already earned $314,500 playing Fortnite, making him one of the top players in the competitive Fortnite scene. He is currently in 15th place in the worldwide Power Ranking. If you look at his lifetime PR, he's even in 5th place!

Why Is 100T MrSavage Our Fortnite Player Of The Month?

Savage and his mate benjifishy put on a stellar performance in February. They started off with a solid 3rd place finish in the Duo Cash Cup on February 2, winning $1,700.

Finally, this season's FNCS also started in February and again, the duo proved what they were capable of. They took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the qualifiers and secured themselves a place in the Grand Finals.

Of course, we can't ignore the performance of Benji. But we don't choose the duo, we choose the player of the month. Still, a great performance from both guys! We're looking forward to seeing how they rock the finals, and we'll see you again in March with the next Fortnite Player of the Month.