Fortnite Guide: How To Solve A Lantern Festival Puzzle At The Lantern Fest Tour

The Fortnite Lantern Festival is here and if you're having trouble solving the Lantern Festival puzzle, we're here to help.

Fortnite lantern puzzle
Solve the Lantern Festival puzzle in Fortnite and earn 20k XP. | © Epic Games

Fortnite is currently celebrating Ramadan with the Lantern Festival and is offering plenty of quests so you can earn some nice holiday cosmetics. Every week there is something new to do on the Lantern Festival Tour Island. And in the first week you should solve the Lantern Festival puzzle. We'll show you how it's done.

Fortnite Green Lantern Mystery Solution

The puzzle is located on the creative island "Lantern Festival Tour". Simply enter the code 3691-9667-3697 in the island code tab in the game and you'll land on the beautiful, colorful island.

From your spawnpoint, go to the missions board and from there, a little further ahead, left through the tunnel. Here you will come across a large, green lantern. Interact with her and you will land on a small minigame map.

Laterne 1
Interact with the Green Lantern to start the puzzle. | © Epic Games

Now you have 30 seconds to solve a puzzle.

The puzzle requires you to activate the five tubes in the lantern in the correct order before time runs out. To activate a tube, simply walk up to it and press the corresponding button. Here is the correct order you need to solve the puzzle:

  • Red (camel)
  • Blue (moon)
  • Purple (island)
  • Green (cactus)
  • Yellow (palm tree)

If you have selected all the tubes in the right order, the puzzle is solved and you can leave the lantern.

Yep it was that easy. The 20k XP reward is yours. As soon as more difficult tasks related to the Lantern Festival appear, you will find the appropriate guides in our Challenges section.

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