All Specialist Characters in Fortnite & How To Recruit

The Fortnite Spring Breakout event is here and has brought with it some challenges and rewards. A quests requires you to recruit a specialist character. We'll show you where to find them.

Fortnite hire specialist character
Recruit a specialist character in Fortnite to earn some XP. | © Epic Games

With the last patch, Epic Games created the Spring Breakout 2023 event to celebrate Easter in the best possible way - with lots of colorful quests and rewards. Some of these are trickier than others. In a challenge you are tasked with recruiting a special character in Fortnite, but what are special characters, where can you find them and how do you recruit them? We are here to answer all of your questions.

All Specialist Character Locations in Fortnite

Specialists are unique characters that can be hired. There are different types of NPCs on the Fortnite map, but only eight of the 17 characters are specialists.

What makes them special is the loot they drop after being recruited. For example, the Supply Specialist will drop ammo on the ground, while the Heavy Specialist has been known to drop grenades for players.

These are all the specialist characters and their locations:

Spezialcharakter Locations in Fortnite
All special character locations in Fortnite. | © Epic Games
  • Munitions Expert - Breakwater Bay
  • Insight - Ice Cave
  • Longshot - Royal Ruins
  • Polar Patroller - Islands of Ice
  • Remedy - Distant Fortress
  • Triage Trooper - scratch container
  • Sludge-Steamy Springs
  • Garrison - Water Guard

How To Recruit A Specialist Character In Fortnite

Once a specialist character is in front of you, all you have to do is interact with them to speak to them. Each NPC offers you a service and items. Now you have to click on the "Recruit" button to hire the character. Note that recruiting costs 200 gold, so make sure you have enough ingots with you.

Once the specialist is hired, the job is done and you get 20k XP for your Battle Pass.

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