Fortnite Partners With Swarovski To Create FNCS Invitational Trophy

The FNCS hype keeps getting better and better, and now, the acclaimed and prestigious jewelry makers will create the trophy for the upcoming invitational.

fncs trophy
It's such a beauty! | © Epic Games

The FNCS Invitational is right around the corner, with the best players in Fortnite will come together in Raleigh, North Carolina to compete for a big chunk of the hefty $1 million prize pool.

Now, on top of the cash prize and the honor of being called the best duo in the world, Epic Games has revealed that in collaboration with luxury brand Swarovski, they have created a one-of-a-kind trophy to be held high by the champions of the event.

On November 7, Swarovski uploaded a video to their official YouTube channel showcasing the process behind the creation of the FNCS Invitational trophy.

A blog post on Fortnite's site points even more details behind the design used by Swarovski, which is a rather familiar one, as it's heavily based on the classic FNCS logo.

Taking inspiration from this year's FNCS chrome logo, the trophy features the FNCS logo in the center and custom Swarovski crystals with an iridescent color-changing effect that transitions from purple to blue. Once a winner has been declared, the FNCS Invitational Champions' names will be etched onto the trophy. The final design weighs in at 15 pounds and stands 18 inches tall.

Another interesting fact about this trophy is that the crystal house utilized Epic's own Unreal Engine to create drafts of it before settling on a final design. The creation also involved cutting-edge techniques like laser plotting, fine grinding, and polishing.

It's an incredible-looking piece of craftsmanship and it makes us beg the question - how will the duo that ends up winning the FNCS Invitational decide who gets to take the trophy home?

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