Fortnite: Say Goodbye To Tilted Towers Again?!

According to some leaks, Tilted Towers in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 might be destroyed by violent earthquakes again. Here comes the details.

Tilted Towers
You're just back and you're about to be destroyed again? | © Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, we got a completely new Fortnite map. And one thing was clear from the beginning: Tilted Towers, the most famous Fortnite location ever, would return. And that's what happened with Season Patch 19.10. Fans were hyped. Old Fortnite pros were returning to the game just because of Tilted, and everyone gained a ton of nostalgia.

But it seems like Fortnite players might be disappointed once again. According to some leakers, there is a good chance that the earthquakes in Chapter 3, Season 1 might destroy the beloved POI. Again!

Will Tilted Towers Be Destroyed Again In Chapter 3?

Some leakers, like the data miner HYPEX, have posted some pretty convincing leaks claiming that Tilted Towers could be in danger. These leaks come due to the new earthquakes that were added with the Fortnite v19.30 update.

They show a map with three X's and some strange red lines drawn around Tilted Towers. We currently know that the IO is drilling through the island to get to the surface. The earthquakes are a result of this drilling. The red lines are to represent earthquake cracks that should appear on the map. The X's mark the places where the IO will surface, forming a triangle, with Tilted in the center of the marks.

Now, it is suspected that this could lead to Tilted Towers being destroyed in an earthquake. As if that wasn't bad enough, however, leaker StreamFNBR provides even more incriminating evidence. While most earthquakes are random, he has analyzed certain paths in more detail. One of these paths consists of 21 earthquakes, which is also said to run directly through Tilted Towers.

So if Tilted is not completely destroyed, then the place will at least be divided in two. As we get closer to the end of this season, we will get more information about the earthquakes. Hopefully, Epic Games will spare Tilted Towers so that players don't have to suffer in a world without this beloved POI.