Fortnite Kinetic Ore: Locations & How To Travel Distance

A new Fortnite challenge asks you to travel certain distance with a kinetic ore. We'll show you where the ore is and how to travel with it.

Fortnite kinetic ore
Master physics and magic with the Kinetic Ore! | © Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1 some huge, purple stones suddenly showed up on the island, they are also known as Kinetic Ore. They offer a new way to fast travel in Fortnite. Although the story behind this mysterious element has not yet been revealed, its kinetic abilities are similar to items such as Hop Rocks from the past. We even suspect that the hop rocks were mined from the ore.

Anyway, in one of Fortnite's weekly challenges, Epic requires players to travel a certain distance with the kinetic ore to give this cool feature a try. Upon completing the challenge, the player will receive a total of 80,000 XP, which earns you a whole Battle Pass tier! Although the challenge isn't too difficult, it will take some time to complete, so we're here to help.

All Kinetic Ore locations

In order to complete the challenge, you must first know where the kinetic ore is in the first place. First land in Shattered Slabs. This is a location in the southwest of the map. There's a lot of kinetic ore in there. In fact, it's not that hard to spot because it's purple in color and quite large. There are 17 of them in total. You can find the exact locations here:

Kinetisches erz fortnite
All Kinetic Ores in Fortnite. | ©

If you don't want to face any enemy players, we advise you to land at Rocky Docks, west of Slabs. There is also a single, huge stone here. To complete the challenges now, all you have to do is cover distance with the ore.

How to Travel Distance With a Kinetic Ore

Once you're ready, approach the kinetic ore and hit it with your harvesting tool. After a few hits, it becomes unstable and charges up. By now the airline should appear on the screen. Depending on the angle at which you hit it, the kinetic ore will move in the appropriate direction.

Once the kinetic ore is charged and ready to use, you must stop hitting it and stand on it as quickly as possible. Remember not to stand on the edges or you may slip.

If you stand on it safely, the fun starts and the stone shoots into the air. In this challenge you have to cover a total distance of 1,900 meters in five stages. These are divided into phases of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 meters. Completing each stage awards 16,000 XP. So don't miss the challenge!