Fortnite Update 19.20: How to Get the Machine Pistol

Fortnite welcomes a new weapon! With the version 19.20 update, you'll be greeted with old memories: The machine pistol!
Fortnite Machine Pistol
Cute. | © Epic Games

The current Fortnite patch went live today with multiple hotfixes. Will this change the fact though that we will continue to use the newest crossover skins? Nope. Will we continue to recruit thousands of characters? Definitely. But the most important question is which weapons we will get to use! Well, a new... or rather old friend is coming back.

With the newest hotfix patch for update 19.20 we will be getting our adorable old friend back. It's been a hot minute since we've seen this weapon, but thank you Epic for finally bringing it back — the Machine Pistol!

Fortnite Machine Pistol: Stats, Locations & More

The Machine Pistol has finally returned to Fortnite. This was legit the second weapon which Epic locked into the safe, but finally they've released it and it's back in the game. It's been since Chapter 1 Season 7, so who is still around to remember this weapon?

Sure, the Machine Pistol did make a short reappearance at the end of Chapter 1 in limited time mode and even in Chapter 2 we got to play with this weapon a few times, but Epic Games has never officially introduced it into the Battle Royale again. Until today, that is.

Machine Pistol Stats:

These are the current numbers of the Pistol from common up to legendary:

  • DPS: 202.5-256
  • Damage: 15-19
  • Fire Rate: 13.5-19
  • Magazine Size: 35
  • Reload Time: 2.48s-2.03s

The Machine Pistol will likely be similar to the Stinger SMG — one of the most popular short distance weapons in the game. Shotguns haven't been able to impress us all season, so we do think that this is a great opportunity for the Machine Pistol to shine.

How to Get the Machine Pistol

The Machine Pistol, just like any other weapon in Fortnite, can be found somewhere on the map. The pistol will either be on the ground, in normal chests, supply drops, fishing sports or by eliminating loot sharks.

So, are you ready to try out the new weapon? Check out the item shop, which is updated daily, or this specific crossover. Then you'll look stylish as hell while firing away!