Fortnite: Use A Disguise Kit & Place Weapon Schematics

The Fortnite Resistance "Week 3" quests are here, and one challenge requires you to establish a gadget link near the Synapse Station, then use a disguise kit and place a weapon schematic. We'll show you how.
Fortnite Benutze ein Verkleidungskit platziere dann Waffenskizzen
Here's the next challenge! | © Epic Games

We have arrived at the fourth and final resistance quest of week 3. By now, we've already gained a bunch of XP, but we want more! So today, we are going to tell you how to complete both parts of the 4th Resistance "Week 3" quest.

Part 1: The Device Connection By Synapse Station

For part 1, you must first establish a device connection near the Synapse Station. To do that, just jump off the Battle Bus and land in the hilly area just north of the location.

Synapse station geräteverbindung
This is the device you're looking for. | © Epic

A group of mountains forms a kind of tunnel that you have to enter. There, you will find the device connection. Just walk over to it and the first step is done.

Part 2: Use A Disguise Kit & Place Weapon Schematics

The disguise kit is located exactly where the device connection was just a moment ago. To use it, however, you must interact with it this time. Now all you have to do is place the weapon schematics in the Synapse Station.

To do this, walk straight towards the building and then turn right until you come to the main entrance. Walk through it and then turn left. You will find the place where you have to put the weapon schematics next to the wall. You can recognize it by the white rays of light.

Fortnite quest waffenskizze
Just follow the light! | © Epic

In order to place the weapon schematics, you must interact with them again. And that's it. This completes Challenge 4 of Week 3 of the Resistance Missions. You'll get 23,000 XP as a reward, so it's worth the effort!