What Is Team Heat In Fortnite?

With the addition of the Most Wanted event, Fortnite players have been wondering what Team Heat means and what benefits it gives you.

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We all love a nice Fortnite event, right? Especially if brings new and free cosmetics like the Most Wanted festivities! There are plenty of quests to complete and of course, goodies to earn.

Of course, if you're not in the know, you might be wondering, what exactly is Team Heat in Fortnite, and what does it do to you? Does it give you benefits? Maybe it puts a target on your back!

Team Heat In Fortnite Explained

In essence, Team Heat is displayed at the upper left corner of your screen with a total of four levels in the form of flame icons.

Each level brings unique buffs but also a very important disadvantage, at least momentarily: you'll be seen by other players around the Fortnite map once you increase your Team Heat level.

How To Increase Team Heat In Fortnite

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There are a couple of ways to increase your Team Heat level. Now, don't confuse this with Infamy ranks as those are handed via the Most Wanted quests. Team Heat resets after every match and its benefits only last during that same match you're playing.

In order to increase it, simply do the following:

  • Defeat enemies across the Fortnite map
  • Open Chests, Coffers, and more!

As simple as that. So as you can see, you're not forced to completely change your playstyle, unless you like pacifist runs that is!

Team Heat Levels In Fortnite - What Do They Do

Each level will grant you small benefits at the cost of being temporarily marked on the map whenever you increase your Team Heat.

Heat Level One

  • Eliminated opponents drop additional bars.

Heat Level Two

  • Increases movement speed by 15%, and regenerates up to 100 health.

Heat Level Three

  • Increases movement speed by 20%, and regenerates up to 100 health and 50 shields.

Heat Level Four

  • Increases movement speed by 25%, and regenerates up to 100 health and 100 shields.

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