Where To Find Tents in Fortnite

Tents have a ton of useful purposes in Fortnite, including storing items for further matches and of course, healing yourself by resting in them.

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Tents are very useful in Fortnite. I © Epic Games

Coming across tents is not hard in Fortnite, however, it's not a straightforward thing, as they are scattered across the island for players to discover and use at their will.

Recently, players have been trying to find these tents to complete a quest that will help them unlock the exclusive and free Shenron Glider that's part of the Dragon Ball crossover. The quest tasks you with healing over 100 health by using these comfy items.

How To Find Tents In Fortnite

The only sure way to get your hands on a tent is by talking with one of the NPCs, Kyle. He's located in the Logjam Lotus area, deep on the north side of the map. We've marked his location down below:

Logjam lotus
This is where you'll find Kyle. I ©Epic Games

It won't be cheap, however, as it'll set you back 400 Gold. If you want a sure way to get your hand on a tent, there's no better option!

Alternatively, if you don't want to spend any Gold, we recommend you land in the big POIs as this is where you'll have the most chances to find tents scattered around the area.

Our favorite spot is definitely Rocky Reels. The area is designed to be a place for players to camp and relax watching some movies on the big screen inside the POI, so it makes sense to find plenty of tents here.

And that's it! We hope this little but straight-to-the-point guide helps you complete all the quests you need to earn that incredible Shenron glider!