All Battle Bus Locations in Fortnite | Season 3 | Chapter 3

Also in Chapter 3, Season 3 the battle bus is on the island of Fortnite. We'll show you where to find it and how to control it.

Armored Battle Bus Locations
What a monster! | © Epic Games

Do you want to be the bus driver? Last season the battle bus - better known as the Armored Battle Bus - has appeared on the Fortnite island. But where can you actually find this strange new vehicle, and how do you drive it? We've got everything you need to know about the Battle Bus right here.

What Is A Battle Bus?

The Battle Bus is the vehicle you jump out of at the beginning of the match. But with Chapter 3, Season 3, the Battle Bus is actually on the Fortnite map as a drivable vehicle for players. This bus is equipped with big tires to drive on any terrain, as well as two turrets to deal damage. And it's adorned with a ram that destroys everything that gets in the bus's way. So, it's worth grabbing the vehicle to annoy the enemies a bit....

All Battle Bus Locations On The Chapter 3 Map

So far there are two battle buses on the Fortnite map. You can find these at the following locations:

Fortnite Battle Bus Locations
Here you can find all battle buses on the island. | © Epic Games

It is quite possible that more armored Battle Buses will appear later in the season. Should this be the case, we will of course update the article for you. But now let's get to the exact locations.

Reality Falls

Battle bus reality falls
The Battle Bus at Reality Falls. | © Epic Games

Reality Falls is a new location in the mushroom area that came to Fortnite with Chapter 3, Season 3. The Battle Bus is to the east of the large tree and south of the wooden house by the side of the road.


Battle bus sanctuary
The Battle Bus at Sactuary. | © Epic Games

Sanctuary is to the east on the Fortnite Map. This is the capital of the seven. The battle bus is located in the south-east of the town on the beach, north of the island with the mighty monument.

How Do You Control A Battle Bus?

Battle Buses work just like Fortnite's other vehicles, with the exception of the various extra seats you can sit on and the deadly turrets.

Here you can find the basic settings to control a vehicle for each platform:


  • "L1" - handbrake
  • D-Pad "Down" - honk the horn
  • "R3" - change seat
  • "Square" (hold) - get off
  • "Circle" - Boost
  • "Triangle" - Radio on/off
  • "X" - Next station


  • "LB" - Handbrake
  • D-Pad "Down" - Honk horn
  • "Right stick" - change seat
  • "X" (hold) - get out of the car
  • "B" - Boost
  • "Y" - Switch radio
  • "A" - Next station

PC keyboard

  • "Space" - handbrake
  • "Right click" - horn
  • "L Ctrl" - change seat
  • "E" (hold) - quit
  • "L Shift" - step on the gas
  • "R" - Switch radio
  • "C" - Next station

If you have changed your key assignment, the above settings will logically no longer apply.

You operate the turret simply by moving to its seat, aiming with your aim button and firing with your fire button. It makes the most sense to use the battle bus as a duo, trio or squad rather than alone.

The bus does not have infinite life, though. If it is destroyed by your enemies, it will explode and cause damage to you. So, always keep an eye on its life meter.

And that's all you need to know. We wish you a safe journey!

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