Fortnite Zero Point Fish: Where to Find & How to Use It

The new Fortnite quests are here and one requires you to damage an opponent after jumping with a zero point fish. We'll show you what the zero point fish can do and where to find it.

Fortnite zero point fish
You can only find the zero point fish in certain bodies of water. | © Epic Games

The new Fortnite weekly missions are here, which means it's time again to collect fresh XP for your Battle Pass! As in the previous nine weeks, there are a total of nine weekly quests. One of these requires players to damage opponents within 10 seconds of jumping with a Zero Point Fish.

To be honest, the challenge is pretty easy. At least if you know where to find a zero point fish and how to use it. And we're here to show you that.

How To Use A Zero Point Fish In Fortnite

Zero Point Fish heal 15HP and has the same effect as Zero Point Crystals: They allow a short teleport if you press the jump button twice in quick succession.

They are typically used when escaping storms, but can also be used for general high-speed travel, e.g. when escaping a bounty, or to push opponents. They can also be used to get into your opponent's constructions with good timing.

Where To Find Zero Point Fish In Fortnite

You can get Zero Fish by, you guessed it, fishing on the island. This works either with a fishing rod or a harpoon. However, this particular fish can only be caught in certain waters.

Zero Point Fish are typically caught in fish holes, but are less likely to be caught in calm waters. Since the fish returned to Fortnite, it has had a slightly higher spawn rate. So at best go to Loot Lake and fish as much as you can.

How to deal damage to opponents within 10 seconds after jumping with a Zero Point Fish

Once caught, it's time to deal 100 damage to opponents within 10 seconds of jumping with a Zero Point Fish. Since the Fish's effect has a limited duration, you must use it wisely and consume it just before a fight with an opponent.

At best, complete this quest in the Group Wedges mode, as this is where most of the enemies are in a heap. If you see a loose enemy, eat the fish and double-press the jump button before dealing damage. You must damage enemies within 10 seconds of jumping with a zero point fish, so make sure you're close to an enemy after jumping.

To complete the weekly challenge and get 15,000 XP, you need to deal 100 total damage. Now you should be able to complete the quest easily.

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