The Biggest Winning Prizes Of Gamers8

Participants of Gamers8 tournaments could go home with millions in their bank account. We will tell you all about the biggest winners this year.

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Which Gamers8 tounaments have the biggest wins? | © Gamers8

Gamers8 2023 is bigger than ever. Not only has the scope of the event massively expanded, but so has the already abundant prize pool. This year, there's a total of $45 million on the line! The entire prize pool is divided among the different tournaments, and some of them have a lot to gain. Here are the biggest winners of gamers8, sorted from lowest to highest prize money.

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Gamers8 – The Biggest Prizes

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The Gamers8 festival 2023 is bigger than ever | © Gamers8

TournamentWinner1st place prize
DOTA 2 Gamers8 IESF Asian ChampionshipPhilippines$7,000
PUBG Mobile Regional Clash (MEA vs. EU)Regnum Carya Esports$8,000
FIFAe World CupManuel (Netherlands)$300,000
FIFAe Nations CupBrazil$300,000
PUBG Mobile World InvitationalVampire Esports$432,500
FortniteJapko & Kami$500,000
Tekken 7 Nations CupPakistan$500,000
Rocket LeagueTBD$500,000
PUBG Global Series Phase 2TBD$600,000
Rainbow Six SiegeTeam BDS


DOTA 2 Riyadh MastersTeam Spirit$5 Million

As you can see, the DOTA 2 Riyadh Masters tournament was the big highlight of Gamers8 in terms of prize money. The whole tournament had a whopping prize pool of $15 Million, which is a third of the entire prize pool for Gamers8 – just incredible!

On July 30, Team Spirit managed to earn the major prize of $5 Million, after competing against Team Liquid in an epic finale.