An Apex Legends Show Might Be Coming to Netflix

An Apex Legends Show Might Be Coming to Netflix
When will a potential show take place? (Credit: Netflix | Apex Legends)

Apex Legends came out over 2 years ago and in that period the battle royale became one of the most popular online shooters. Now the battle royale might be coming to Netflix with its own show!

Most recently we heard rumors that Netflix could be expanding into gaming. While it's not yet clear to what extent, the streaming giant has produced numerous shows based on video games and the next one in line could be Apex Legends. According to a recent Reddit post by Respawn Entertainment Director of Comms, Ryan K. Rigney the famous battle royale shooter will be getting a TV show.

Rigney was asked by a fan whether we'll see more multiplayer modes in the future and if an Apex Legends TV series is in the making. The Respawn representative gave a positive answer to the first question and used an emoji with a zipped mouth. Rigney didn't elaborate further than that, so there's not a whole lot of information to work it. For all we know it could be just bollocks. On the other hand, EA and Respawn could already be working on a show.

Respawn Would Like To Make an Apex Legends Series

An Apex Legends Netflix show is very plausible as we take a look back into the past. Almost a year ago in an interview with GamesRadar, Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier revealed that he's all up for a Netflix series:

Yeah, I would love to do that. That sounds awesome. A Netflix animated series of Apex? Sign me up! I think right now we're focused on making the game but heck, if someone wants to pitch me something I'll listen.

The Possibilities Are Endless

If an Apex Legends show is coming or already in the making, the potential plot can revolve around many things. Each of the legends in Apex has some solid backstory which can probably be extended upon for an entire season. Another possibility is the Titanfall lore since Apex Legends is happening in the same universe. This will no doubt please many of the hardcore Titanfall players that eventually switched to Apex.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you excited about a potential Apex Legends series? What stories should the Apex show cover? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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