Armored Core 6: All Achievements and Trophies

All Achievements and Trophies for Armored Core 6 got released, here's a full list of all things you need to know to get all of them.

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Here are all Armored Core 6 Achievements and Trophies | © FromSoftware, Sony, EarlyGame

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon was released on August 25. It's one of the most-anticipated games of the year, with a lot of hype coming from it being the latest game by developer FromSoftware.

Since the game has been released, we know that there is basically no difference in the achievements for the game on the different platforms Armored Core 6 runs on.

All Armored Core 6 Achievements And Trophies

For PlayStation 5, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon will include 30 Trophies. 14 Bronze, 10 Silver, 5 Gold and 1 Platinum Trophies to be precise. What those are and what you need to do to get those, you can find here.

For Xbox and PC, all the trophies will be the achievements for the game, except for the platinum trophy, that's a PlayStation exclusive. It grants you no rewards, so no worries if you aren't able to get that one.

All Armored Core 6 Bronze Trophies (Achievements)

Starting off with the 14 Bronze Trophies:

Trohpy NameTrophy Description
A New ThreadCleared mission: “Attack the Old Spaceport.”
Illegal EntryCleared mission: “Illegal Entry.”
Operation WallclimberCleared mission: “Operation Wallclimber.”
ContactCleared mission: “Attack the Watchpoint.”
Ocean CrossingCleared mission: “Ocean Crossing.”
Ayre and the CoralCleared mission: “Destroy the Ice Worm.”
Into Unknown TerritoryCleraed mission: “Underground Exploration – Depths 3.”
Re-educationCleared mission: “Reach the Coral Convergence.”
The Floating CityCleared mission: “Take the Uninhabited Floating City.”
MIACleared mission: “MIA.”
Training CompleteCleared all training programs
Hardware EngineerAssembled an AC.
Software EngineerUpgraded your AC’s OS.
Graphic DesignerChanged the coloration of your AC.

All Armored Core 6 Silver Trophies (Achievements)

Trophy Name

Trophy Description

The Fires of RavenReached ending: “The Fires of Raven.”
Liberator of RubiconReached ending: “Liberator of Rubicon.”
Alea lacta Est

Reached ending: “Alea lacta Est.”

Weapon CollectorObtained all weapon parts.
External Parts CollectorObtained all frame parts.
Internal Parts CollectorObtained all inner parts.
Expansion Collector

Obtained all Core Expansions.

Combat Log CollectorObtained all combat logs.
Data Log CollectorObtained ten data logs.
Testing CompleteCleared all combat aptitude evaluation programs in the Arena.

All Armored Core 6 Gold Trophies (Achievements)

Trophy Name

Trophy Description

Tuning ExpertPerformed all OS upgrades.
Asset HolderObtained all parts.
Master of ArenaCleared all Arena programs.
StargazerCleared all missions.
The Perfect MercenaryCleared all missions with an S Rank rating.

If you were able to complete all trophies, you will receive the Platinum trophy “Armored Core” for acquiring all trophies.

Once again, just as a heads-up, all the different trophies are the achievements in the game for Xbox and PC.

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