Armored Core 6: Best Core Expansions

If you're wondering what the best core expansion in Armored Core 6 is, we got you covered. In this article, we'll explain how the four core types differ and which ones you should choose.

AC6 Best Core Expansions
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Armored Core 6 offers a lot of upgrades for your mech, and it can be overwhelming to have to choose which upgrades are the best. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

Stick around to find out what each core expansion can do and which ones we think are the best.

Armored Core 6 Core Expansions Explained

Your Armored Core's core expansions are part of the many upgrades you can get for your AC. In order to upgrade your mech, you're going to need OS Tuning Chips. If you're wondering how you can get them and what all the other upgrades for your AC are, don't worry, we've got a handy little guide about that for you:

Armored Core 6 OS Tuning Guide: Best Upgrades & How To Get Chips

Now, with the help of the OS Tuning chips, you can choose between four different core expansions for your AC, but what do they do?

Assault Armor

Assault Armor is the only offensive core expansion available. Activating the Assault Armor creates a spherical shockwave around you that will cause attack and impact damage within range. You can use this armor to protect yourself from incoming enemy attacks, since the explosion will cancel those attacks.

The shockwave can also be used to attack opponents, as those within your range will receive around 1500 to 2000 impact damage. The downside to the Assault Armor is that it only stays up for a very short amount of time.

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Pulse Protection

Pulse Protection creates a long-lasting spherical barrier, that will shield up to 4000 damage. While this barrier will last up to 25 seconds, if not destroyed beforehand, its downside is that it will only stay in the position it was placed it.

So, if you want to run around while fighting your enemy, Pulse Protection will not be able to give you additional defense. But, Pulse Protection has up to three charges, so you have quite a few chances to use it.

Pulse Armor

Pulse Armor is the more adaptable version of Pulse Protection. Unlike Pulse Protection, Pulse Armor envelops your AC in a protective barrier that will move around with you.

But, Pulse Armor is slightly weaker as it can only withstand 3300 damage and will only last for 10 seconds unless it's destroyed before its time is up. Plus, Pulse Armor only has two charges that can be used, so while it maybe be easier to use in fights, you can't use it as often as Pulse Protection.

Terminal Armor

Terminal Armor is a pretty powerful core expansion. It activates when your AC would normally take fatal damage. Instead of your AC being destroyed, the Terminal Armor preserves it with 1 AP and gives you a very powerful, but short-lived, shield.

It's able to withstand 20000 damage and will last for 2 seconds, and since barely any enemy can deal such damage at once, this shield should fully protect you while you lie on the ground and heal up.

Armored Core 6: Best Core Expansions

So, which core expansions are the best? Well, while all core expansions have their ups and downs, we've picked two expansions that we think will best aid you in your Armored Core 6 gameplay.

We think the top two core expansions that will suit any gamer are:

  • Assault Armor
  • Terminal Armor

Assault Armor is a pretty strong pick, since you'll not only be able to deal quite a bit of damage. If your enemies are near enough, you'll also be able to withstand quite a bit of damage as well. If you time the use of your Assault Armor properly, you'll also be able to fend off opponent's attacks. Assault Armor can give you that extra kick that you might need when fighting against a tough boss.

Terminal Armor might seem strange at first to some, but it's definitely a powerful expansion. While being saved at 1 AP may not seem like a lot, the 2 seconds that your shield is up, you'll basically be indestructible. These few seconds can be utilized to either use a Repair Kit, retreat from the battlefield, or even give your opponent just that last bit of damage that was necessary to defeat them.

While these are our recommendations, everyone has a different play style, so maybe other core expansions better suit you! Try them out and find out what's the most fun for you!

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